Introduction of the utilities of Salanganes’Nest

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The use of Salanganes’Nest

1-Salanganes’Nest nutritious for pregnant women

2- Salanganes’Nest nutrient for brain development of children

3- Salanganes’Nest nutritious for old people, sick people, increased longevity

4-Salanganes’Nest skin beauty, anti-aging

Genuine & Natural Bird’s Nest

Pure and genuine bird’s nest – has long been sought after as a medicinal nutrition for great health and long-lasting beauty.
“Ancient royal physicians believed in bird’s nest as a dish to nourish the intellect, enhance the beauty and rejuvenate oneself to maintain long-lasting beauty and youth…”

Generations observed the Swiftlets’ healthy livelihood and came to a conclusion that this is a species capable of absorbing the quintessence of the heaven and earth. Legends foretold of Swiftlets that sought for food in the middle of the ether, returning with crystalline fibers woven together to form a nest. Birds’Nests on high cliffs formed a harmonious balance with Ying and Yang, Sea and Sky leaving behind the mundane dust of the world.

In reality, it is the perfect combination of nature that has contributed to making bird’s nest a precious health food. Oriental medicinal studies have shown that good bird’s nest has not only a naturally sweet taste but also provides a balancing effect on our lungs and other organs which results instrengthening our lungs, clearing phlegm, eliminating coughsand asthma. The invaluable ingredients of bird’s nest also help to repair and enhance organ functions, improving cell production, body immunity, stamina and overall health. Interestingly, bird’s nest is significantly effective for women as it plays an important role in harmonizing the body’s Ying & Yang resulting in improved skin texture and internal strength. Bird’s nest is indeed a one-of-a-kind “natural cosmetic” for any woman to attain youthful and radiant vitality.

Enjoying bird’s nest soup is considered a highly effective way of protecting your natural beauty. After all, true beauty is not only skin-deep but achieved only when you areproperly balanced within. In addition to holding a peaceful spiritual life, our ancestors always paid attention to the search for food that brings along the harmony as well as nutritious supplement such as bird’s nest. Until now, this “beauty secret” is still preferred by most traditionalists.

With the presence of 20 kinds of amino acids which accounts for over 50% of bird’s nest components, Asian scientists have proven that bird’s nests regenerate muscle cells and skin tissue, reducing the aging process and reviving the vital strength of these organ functions. Threonine, a natural collagenin bird’s nests also contributes to skin’s elastin forming process – the two substances that reconstruct skin texture. Combined with Glycine, it helps prevent wrinkles through aging, acne, freckles, age related pigmentation protecting your skin for smooth glowing vitality. Finally, bird’s nest also contains Galactose and 31 other trace ‘fat-free’ elements that are essential for your body. It is perfect as daily nutrition, especially for anyone on a diet.


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